Keeping a Healthy and Happy Kitchen and Home

If you want to keep your fresh food in your fridge fresh longer you can use the Berry Breeze to do so. This product is a small little machine that produces activated oxygen to keep your fruits and veggies fresh longer. The unit is battery powered and it has a cycle that it runs through so it isn’t constantly in use. I was shocked at how well this unit works. I tossed it in the fridge thinking maybe it would keep our items fresh for maybe a day or two longer but it really kept them fresh much longer than normal. By the end of the week I usually have very minimal produce options because we’ve had to use everything up. This wasn’t true once I started using the Berry Breeze. As an experiment I put it in our pantry on the shelf where I keep our non-refrigerated produce like avocados, potatoes and bananas. By the end of the week the bananas were much less brown than normal and we were actually able to keep avocados the full week without them being mushy and brown on the inside.

150_4630Amy Rozanski-Harlach, Yahoo Contributor Network
Jun 11, 2014