Future Winter Sports Stars Fight Food Waste

Unlike much of the country, we have been experiencing just the opposite of a “polar vortex” here in Las Vegas, with it sunny and in the seventies for the end of our winter. Not much snow activity happening in the mountains around here, which has us looking to maybe take a trip eastward to have a little ski-cation weekend before spring fully takes hold of the land. We were perusing some of the ski resort destinations online to get an idea of where to go, and we came across something that really made our day when we saw a letter in the Vail Daily News.

The Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy is a unique learning environment that provides public education to students who also are also burgeoning winter sports athletes. The school is a cutting edge green school, educating students about ways to reduce their carbon footprint and protect the environment. It would appear that the school is doing a great job in that regard, based on the letter to local newspaper that was penned by some of their students. We were extremely impressed with the way the students tied the food waste from their school and community to larger environmental issues that affect the entire planet. They embody the expression “think globally, act locally” all too well.

It’s very encouraging whenever we see that the youth in this country are taking the issues  seriously that will impact them as adults. At times, the current generation can appear to be in cruise control, sort of “passing the buck” to our kids and our grandkids on a variety of economic, scientific, and social issues. It’s easy for us to look at kids today, though they are certainly well prepared for this modern world when it comes to technology like computers and social media, and see them as being a little self-absorbed and, you know, just being the way kids can be. It’s great to see the future considering…the future.

We at BerryBreeze are committed to making that future one where the food lasts longer and stays fresher. We want to see less trips to the grocery store translate into both more money in your pocket and less pollution in the air. We would like the food that our technology saves feed those that unfortunately go without, while lessening the mount that gets thrown out while also contributing to the fragile state of the planet. One point that these kids “get” that sometimes us grown ups seem to still be debating is that we are intricately linked to the health of our world, and we can no longer ignore that causality. We choose to do what we can, and we’d love to help everyone to with a BerryBreeze in their fridge.

Whether its through school gardens or composting, as well as kitchen and nutrition classes, we salute the efforts that are being made to make our children’s future a healthier one. We especially admire when its the kids themselves that are taking the lead!

Do you know a school or kids program that is making a difference in the area of food and the environment? Let us know and we can draw attention and support to their cause!