BerryBreeze™ Gets Three Big Endorsements!

The BerryBreeze™ team works hard to spread the word about organic living because we genuinely believe in what we do. Even when our efforts go unrecognized, we’re still out there making sure that you and your loved ones have access to the freshest produce. It’s better for you, it’s better for your family, and it’s better for the environment.

Still, who doesn’t love a little positive attention every now and then? That’s why we’re extremely psyched to let you all know about three organic living superstars that have recently given BerryBreeze™ their seal of approval: celebrity chef Jason Wrobel, founder Kevin Gianni and author Frederic Patenaude.

Jason Wrobel (also known as J-Wro) is one of the biggest figures in the raw food movement. His raw food dishes — which use lots of fresh and organic vegan ingredients — have earned rave reviews from Woody Harrelson, Sigourney Weaver, Steve Buscemi and Russell Simmons. He’s also made history as the host of the first cooking show focused on a diet that promotes longevity, “How to Live to 100,” which premiered in January, 2013 on The Cooking Channel.

Jason knows a thing or two about fresh, plant-based ingredients, which is why we’re so proud to get his endorsement. “If you’re like me,” he says, “you probably spend a LOT of money on fresh, organic fruits and vegetables every week. Well, I can honestly say that this innovative little machine is the BEST WAY to save money and protect your precious produce.” Jason notes that he was able to keep a basket of figs and a bunch of kale fresh for more than two weeks using our fridge freshener. We’d consider that a minor miracle if we didn’t see those same results day after day at BerryBreeze™!

Natural health and diet expert Kevin Gianni started his blog,, to bring healthy food tips and organic living advice to readers around the world. He’s written and edited six books and keeps Renegade Health updated regularly, and he’s spent more than 10 years investigating every natural health claim imaginable. So you can understand why we were so excited when Renegade Health endorsed BerryBreeze™ last month as a great way to keep food fresh.

Kevin asked Renegade Health editor-in-chief Frederic Patenaude to review the BerryBreeze™ after a two-week trial. Frederic has written several books and hundreds of articles, and he’s an expert in everything from the raw food diet to healthy food tips and personal development. In his review for the BerryBreeze™, Frederic says that although Kevin is very picky about the products that Renegade Health endorses, the BerryBreeze™ has won him over. “As an experiment,” he says, “I had half a head of iceberg lettuce that I left without any protection in the fridge – it’s still looking pretty good after two weeks!”

Frederic also noticed that a big tub of blueberries still looked delicious after more than a week and that grapes stayed fresh looking much longer. In another experiment, he put smoothie leftovers directly in the fridge inside a glass jar. “They’re still good days later!” he said. “Normally, these smoothies only last a few hours at the most.”

BerryBreeze™ is also super-easy to maintain, and he liked that too. As he says, “There are no filters to clean and really nothing to do except change the batteries two or three times a year. My conclusion is that BerryBreeze™ is a must-have for any health enthusiast.”

We couldn’t be more proud to count Jason, Kevin and Frederic among our supporters. They’ve discovered that it’s easy to keep food fresh with BerryBreeze™, and we couldn’t be happier with that kind of validation. Please believe that we’re not going to rest on our laurels over here, though. Stay tuned every week for more healthy food tips and updates on the latest in sustainable food and organic living.