Will The Shrimp Save Us?

You’ve got to hand it to the folks at Harvard University, the big news this week in plastics is all about how Harvard scientists have developed a new bioplastic from shrimp shells that could save our environment by replacing everything from food packaging to trash bags and even diapers. The shrimp have this material in their shells called chitin, and its one of the most abundant organic materials in the world. Hooray for science! Definitely a better use of it than creating GMOs!

It’s definitely good news for the environment, but what if you didn’t need to use plastics for your food storage? The truth is you don’t. The technology behind BerryBreeze keeps food fresh using activated oxygen that quickly neutralizes all the yucky gunk that attacks food; bacteria, mold, fungus, etc. It also helps stop the gas that fruits and vegetables release to trigger ripening and, ultimately, rotting. I know, it’s a little counterintuitive to the way we’ve done things in the kitchen for the last few decades, but by actually leaving your produce and other foods “out” and “open” allows how  BerryBreeze works to be most effective. Try leaving your berries in a bowl, or your asparagus and carrots on a plate or tray in your refrigerator, and just watch them last for weeks instead of days!

So, while shrimp shells replacing plastic is a good thing, using less “stuff” altogether is what really saves money at home and also saves the planet. When you save money and  your food last longer, it’s a great opportunity to start providing your family with high quality, highly nutritious food. If you don’t have the time or the space to grow your own, seek out local growers and farmer’s markets in your community that so you know where you food is coming from and how it was grown. That way, your helping save a small business from going under. And don’t grab a BerryBreeze to let the activated oxygen transform your fridge, just click here!

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