A Real Solution to Food Waste

Here at BerryBreeze, food is more than just a necessity. It is a passion in which we actively participate, from large office group lunches, to making delicious food in the kitchen at home, to following all manner of food-related content in the media. Just yesterday, we were driving around town in the “Breeze-Mobile”, our 2005 Prius, listening to NPR’s The Splendid Table with Lynne Rosetto Kasper. She was telling a caller that they should go to Asian markets instead of American supermarkets when they want to buy spices, since they have a higher turnover and prices are often surprisingly lower. As she was explaining to the caller what they could do with various examples, she mentioned casually that spices don’t keep long in the refrigerator. It was a tremendous early Spring Sunday afternoon where everyone had tops and windows down, and you can only imagine the drivers next to us and their reaction as we loudly beseeched the radio show that they should get a BerryBreeze!

We were still slightly agitated this morning while we were flipping through the latest issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine online when we came across an article about how not to end up throwing away all your groceries. We love articles like this, especially since this one was written by noted food writer Elizabeth Stark, and she did have good information about shopping smarter, and honing pantry skills. Still, we felt compelled to leave a comment in the comment section to the effect of,” Nice article, Elizabeth, but have you heard about this thing called a BerryBreeze?”

It can get a little daunting hearing people talk about food waste who have not heard of BerryBreeze, since this is more than just merchandise to us, its our mission. Which makes it’s so rewarding when someone knows about about us. No matter what trade show we exhibit at, there’s always plenty of moments where people who use BerryBreeze come up and just start raving about how much they love it. These are always interesting conversations for us as well because we are engaging with folks who already get it and often have just as much information about the science behind the technology as we do!

We were at the Natural Products Expo West show in Anaheim earlier this month, and were very pleased to find out over the weekend that people thought we were one of the most exciting exhibits to show. Erica Dermer of www.celiacandthebeast.com listed us in her rundown of the 20 best gluten-free finds. Meanwhile, over at Sarah Stolp’s site, www.canieathere.com, she too listed us as one of the best things to come out of the show!

It is truly an honor that these folks took the time to come over and meet us at the show, see what we do, and then feel that what we offered was unique enough to include as they spread the word among their respective audiences! We thought we shouldl return the favor. And as far as Lynn and Elizabeth go, we are going to put together some nice, hand-written notes like in the film, Her, and introduce them to our ground-breaking technology!

Are you a BerryBreeze user who has a similar reaction when you hear people talking about food waste who have never heard of the product? Leave a comment below!