Businesses Fight Foodborne Illnesses: PMA’s Gold Circle

Foodborne Illnesses and food safety are huge issues to our cause and a big reason we developed a product for your home that provides a simple and effective solution. According to a March 2013 report on the attribution of foodborne illnesses from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that analyzed data from 4,589 outbreaks, almost half of foodborne illnesses in the US that led to hospitalization between 1998 and 2008 were attributed to fresh produce. By killing many of the microbes that cause these illnesses, BerryBreeze helps the fresh produce you feed to your family stay safe and healthful.

As in so many worthwhile efforts, it takes a collaborative approach on a variety of fronts.Business that provide produce to the public have a vested interest in protecting themselves from a food safety crisis. That’s why the Produce Marketers Association (PMA) is one of our valued industry partners. They take foodborne illnesses to heart and put their money where their mouth is. Their Gold Circle Campaign for Food Safety is a call to acton to businesses within the produce industry to donate valuable resources to critical research and education to strengthen global food safety in fresh produce. Now, you can help stop food safety crises related to foodborne illnesses, and be a leader.

Just as you work so hard to protect your loved ones by using BerryBreeze at home, you can help protect your business and include it in an effort to solve the problem on a macro-scale. The cost breaks down to less than $20 a week, and does an amazing amount of good for the price point. To learn more click here, and let’s join forces in the home and in commerce to fight foodborne illnesses wherever they may occur to make a safer and healthier world for our families.