Eat Organic And Pee Less Pesticides!

In the ongoing debate over whether people who eat organic foods actually any real benefits over non-organic, an interesting study was released yesterday that indicates that an organic diet has at least one benefit. The study found lower trances of organophosphate metabolites in consumers that ate organic food for a week compared to those who ate a conventional diet. Participants who ate a diet that was at least 80 percent organic had 89 percent lower levels of dialkylphosphates (DAPs), which are non-selective organophosphate metabolites, in their urine. 

The study was conducted in Melbourne, Australia with non-smoking participates between the age of 18 and 65. Participants were asked to eat a diet of conventional food for a week than on the morning of day eight participants provided a urine sample to the researchers. This process was repeated with the same participants after they spent a week eating at least 80 percent organic food. The levels of DAPs found in participants during the week in which they ate conventional were comparable to previous studies done on the general population.

The study was expressly concerned with the health impacts that organophosphates can have on consumers. Organophosphate pesticides originally were derived from World War II nerve agents. According to the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 73 million pounds of organophosphates were used on U.S. crops in 2001. Organophosphates inhibit cholinesterase, a neurotransmitter that carries signals between nerves and muscles. Inhibiting cholinesterase can cause poisoning victims to suffocate due to paralysis and cause lungs to fill up with fluid. Children are at an elevated risk for organophosphate pesticide poisoning.

One study is not able to end the debate once and for all, but it does add to a growing consensus that people who eat organic lower their exposure to pesticides. At BerryBreeze, our goal is to help people get the most out of their food, It can cost more to eat organic, so you might as well have it last 2-3 times longer, right? If you haven’t purchased a BerryBreeze for yourself, your family, or someone you care about, there’s no time like the present, just click here.

Do you think eating organic really makes a difference? Tell us why or why not below!