A Fresh New Year!

The end of the year is always a time to reevaluate, reassess, and of course, make resolutions for the New Year. Smokers hope to finally kick the habit, couch potatoes invest in a gym membership, and some may even resolve to finally stop lending that deadbeat friend or relative money. Whether they have to do with our health, our finances, or even the people in our lives, resolutions represent a change in our lifestyle for the better.

Appreciating and Improving Your Health

One of the most popular resolutions is to be healthier. Whether the focus is losing some weight, drinking less alcohol, or eating healthier foods, there are a couple of good reasons to take the opportunity in 2014 to resolve to improve your health. First, engaging in healthier activities improves the overall quality of your life. A body in motion is one that is able to do more things, and endorphins generated from physical activity have been shown to improve mood and reduce stress (as well as reduce the murder rate, according to the clip below). Also, being healthy means less trips to the doctor or hospital. That means a decrease in health care costs. And don’t forget, once you start taking better care of yourself, looking and feeling healthier is a great confidence booster.

Making resolutions is the easy part, keeping them can often be challenging. When it comes to making resolutions work, it is often suggested that they should be realistic. Maybe starting out with a daily walk will be a more successful resolution than training for a marathon (although the former could eventually lead to the latter). Others stress the importance of putting it in writing, having an action plan, and getting others involved to help you stick to it. Being organized is key to success in almost any endeavor, particularly with a lifestyle change.

It isn’t always easy to make lifestyle changes, and for many of us improving our health means a lifestyle change. Yet, as we look around at our community and our society, we are faced with a stark and troubling truth. We are not getting healthier, and the results are disturbingly noticeable increase in rates of diabetes, heart disease and cancers just to name a few.

Resolving to Spend Less, Get More, and Make a Difference

Health is so important, but there are other lifestyle factors to consider. As the economy slowly comes back to life after the rough patch of the past few years, people are looking to save money and get more value. When it comes to buying food, more people have joined membership-based food suppliers, like Costco, that provide them with the same sort of value usually reserved for commercial buyers. When it comes to quality, more people are realizing that certified organic foods, especially locally-sourced foods, are the better choice for a healthier lifestyle. Since these food items are sold at a premium price, it’s important to store them properly to maximize their freshness and lifespan. One consequence of eating better food is the tendency to waste less of it. People are more inclined to use an $8 pint basket of strawberries where they might end up tossing a $3 one once it has expired. Another consequence of well stored and well stocked food means less trips to the store, and less time burning fossil fuels to get there.

Helping You Achieve Your Resolutions

Our team at BerryBreeze™ believes we can help you be more successful with your New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier, save more money, and be more environmentally friendly. Our purpose is to promote healthy, sustainable lifestyles that may increase the life and longevity of people everywhere. By designing a product that helps food last longer, we are committed to helping your family’s bottom line. We feel a great sense of stewardship for the environment and a responsibility to help protect it. We only need to consider the generation that came before us and what sort of healthy habits (or unhealthy ones) we are passing on to see the importance of making a positive change for both ourselves and the world today.

So this year, resolve to keep your resolution to live healthier, get more exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables and drink less alcohol. If where you work doesn’t have a wellness program, talk to your employer about starting one. If you’re in need of some encouragement and support, get your friends together to help with help you stick to it. When it comes to eating healthier, saving money, and reducing your carbon footprint, take a simple and meaningful step by keeping a BerryBreeze™ in your refrigerator, pantry, or other food storage area. That’s a resolution that is always a success with practically no effort!

What resolutions have you made for 2014? Tell us about them in the comments below!