Meatless Monday: Organic Popcorn!

Happy Meatless Monday at the beginning of Small Business Week!  It’s a great time to celebrate a community of which BerryBreeze is a part of, particularly when it comes to those who share our passion for healthy food for a healthy planet. One company that is making news is the Quinn Popcorn Company in Boulder, Colorado. Started in 2011, Husband and wife team Kristy and Coulter Lewis set out to change the food industry with what is one of America’s favorite snack foods, popcorn. Creating an organic, non-GMO product has been extremely successful for them, tripling their business within the past year. Like BerryBreeze, they are available in various Whole Foods Markets, or you can order a BerryBreeze today right here

It all started with a lifelong love for microwaveable popcorn, and a realization that the industry had stagnated and not grown to develop product for the natural foods consumer. The refreshingly different innovations Quinn Popcorn brings to the game is goes beyond organic, Non-genetically modified corn, but to the bag itself (it’s compostable) and the a unique co-packaging process that keeps the expeller-pressed sunflower oil separate from the other ingredients. This makes it safer and healthier than the typical chemically-based solvent extraction process.

This year, they’ve launched a “farm to bag”, ready to eat popcorn that allows consumers to go the company’s website and trace back exactly where all the ingredients came from. It’s a great idea that allows people to know what’s in their food. By doing so they are taking a step towards changing the food industry itself and, more importantly, offering consumers a choice. And with other organic brand like Annie’s and Nature’s Path breaking into traditional chains, they help heighten awareness that paves the way for other like Quinn Popcorn.

So, go ahead and celebrate Meatless Monday, Small Business Week in one fell swoop with some healthy and yummy popcorn!

What are you eating this Meatless Monday? Let us know in the comments below!