Are You an “In The Know” or a “Did You Know?”

It’s always good to know who your audience is. Ours is a dynamic and diverse community that we find on social media and at trade shows and conventions. Our following includes entrepreneurs and soccer moms, organic dairy farmers and vegans, Non-GMO warriors and commercial produce distributors. Thankfully, we have a mission and a technology that it seems almost everyone can get behind. People who love food and want to get the most nutrition out of it? Check. Folks who are passionate about the amount of food that gets thrown away that could otherwise feed the hungry? Proud to know ‘em! Passionate individuals who want to reduce our carbon footprint and save the planet? We know where to find them on Facebook!

That being said, it is interesting that the folks we end up meeting in our travels fall into pretty much two distinct groups. The first know all about activated oxygen, or ozone, and how it works wonders to sanitize and deodorize. A decent chunk of these folks actually know this because they already have a BerryBreeze™, but even the ones who don’t are very aware of the science behind our approach. We’ll say these folks those who are “in the know” Since the In the Knows already get why BerryBreeze is such a groundbreaking technology, our dialogue with them usually centers on an exchange of information about all kinds of places where a BerryBreeze could be used other than a refrigerator. The uses extend to laundry baskets, gym bags, plumbing areas in humid climates just to name a few. We’ve had people rub their hands on them at shows to get rid of any bacteria transmitted from all the pressing the flesh that goes on at those things! Some may seem a little more eccentric than others, but it is a fascinating group that share a knowledge of our mission and passion nonetheless!

There is a second group that has seen our advertising or the product itself. They are interested in saving money, saving food, saving the planet, etc. but they don’t yet understand just how we work. They are just as engaging and intriguing as the individuals in the first group, but our interactions with them center on us explaining the science and the technology behind ozone and BerryBreeze. Often times, people have a negative preconception of the ozone because it is one of the few traceable substances that can be measured when trying to determine pollution levels. Since this is the case, people confuse it with the pollution itself, rather than nature’s solution to fighting pollution.

It is always great to get people up to speed with what we do, as it is to give them the most updated information about the technology and new applications. Most of our conversations involve us asking, “ Did you know…?”. Our website is dedicated to providing information in this manner, and we could even categorize this second group as those who we ask “ Did You Know?”

When you first discovered us, which one were you? An In the Know or a Did You Know? If you’re an In the Know, can you share an application for this technology that maybe we haven’t thought of? If you’re a Did You Know, what questions do you have about ozone and its uses can we help answer for you? Leave a comment in the section below!