5 Ways to “Get Green” for St. Patrick’s Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so “Top o’ the Morning to ya!” (or whatever time of day you find yourself reading this). It’s a great day to be Irish (or just pretend you are), eat Irish food, and of course drink Irish drinks. Part of the tradition is to of course wear something green so that the Leprechauns (and annoying co-workers) don’t pinch you. There is also no better time to think “green” thoughts beyond the frivolity of the day, with Spring approaching this week. Here’s a list of five things you could start this St. Patrick’s Day to make your life a little more green:

  1. Start a Home Garden

We’ve mentioned this sort of thing before, in relation to how you can know you’re getting your fruits and vegetables as pure and organic as possible. It bears mentioning again, since once you start to grow your own food, you not only control the quality and safety, but you help reduce your carbon footprint. Once you start gardening, you may want to start composting to help feed your garden, which can go a long way towards reusing otherwise wasted food and organic material. Our little Baby Breeze just had her seventh birthday, and one of her uncle’s gave her a seed starter kit that we can transfer over to his vegetable garden when the time is right. We are looking forward to getting things started this weekend!

2. Green Your Home

A vegetable garden at home is a fantastic way to “ green” your home, but there are so many other ways that you can do on the inside that make a huge difference. From using a programmable thermostat and switching out your old light bulbs to CFL bulbs, to upgrading your HVAC and maintaining proper insulation, you don’t need to generate a “honey-do” list for the handy guy or gal in your home, sine we’ve found a great one for you right here!

3. Work Greener

In this day and age, Americans who are participating in the workforce are often finding themselves spending more time working than at home. There are some simply great things to be done around the office to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, including optimizing the energy settings on computers and other devices, reducing the amount of paper used by digitizing reports and other documents, and choosing recycled paper when printing paper is necessary. The best idea we could think of is if bosses just let us all work from home, but ours hasn’t quite come around to that idea yet. For a great list of ways to green up the office, click here.

4. Green Your Child’s School

A great way to green your community and get the kids involved is to start a program at their school that focuses on having the school function as environmentally-friendly as possible. The Green Schools Initiative is one such program, and they incorporate a lot of the other ideas we have been discussing.

5. Have Your Food Last Longer Using BerryBreeze

We can’t overlook the impact BerryBreeze has on not only saving your family money, but also reducing the amount of food at home that gets wasted by lasting two to three times longer. Food waste is a HUGE contributor to landfills that release greenhouse gas emissions, and our product is a real and easy tool to fight the good fight on this front.


What are some ways you plan on getting greener this Spring? leave a comment and let us know!