BerryBreeze and Activated Oxygen: What It Is, How It Works, Why Its Better

Activated oxygen, otherwise known as advanced oxidation or ozone, is the fundamental component of BerryBreeze technology. There has been a lot of buzz recently as this technology has advanced in the commercial sector, with DowChemicals recently announcing their investment of millions of dollars to develop room sanitization for pathogen control in food procesing. This is a tremendous step forward in food safety on a macro level, and we are proud to be the company that has harnessed this approach into a device tht fits in one hand, sits in your fridge or food storage area, and gives the consumer the same resources for making their food fresh and healthy!

What it is

BerryBreeze is a small activated oxygen generator that runs on a timing sequence and is powered by four D-cell batteries. Activated oxygen is released deep into every corner of your refrigerator and is effective against  yeasts, molds, and fungus. It Introduces an additional hurdle against unwanted microbes in food and the elements that induce fruits and vegetables to ripen and rot. In the process your refrigerator is odorless.

How it works

BerryBreeze uses the air in your refrigerator to produce one of the fastest and most penetrative systems to getting longer life and nutritional value our of your food. When you first put it on the top shelf of your refrigerator, the solid green light will indicate that it is working and filling it with activated oxygen. Leave the refrigerator door closed for at least a few hours ( we recommend doing this before you go to bed). After initially dispersing, the BerryBreeze uses a timing sequence to release a small subsequent amount to maintain the level of activated oxygen in the refrigerator. It is custom engineered to be safe and appropriate for use in the home, including pantries, closets, and any other storage areas needing sanitization and deodorization.

Why it’s better

BerryBreeze’s use of activated oxygen allows you to get the most out of the food you put in your refrigerator. By eliminating microbes and gases that deteriorate food, your food lasts up to ten days longer. When you’re living an active healthy lifestyle and fueling it with only the healthiest of foods, those ten days can make all the difference in getting the most nutritional content and maximizing value and savings. It doesn’t require any chemicals or filters. In fact it also helps cut down on the amounts of plastic bags, wraps, and containers  used to store food, since our idea is to allow food to be left open to allow the activated oxygen to reach it. When left on the top shelf of your refrigerator, It sanitizes virtually every area of it and all the food contained therein. Since there is no chemicals, there’s no chemical residue, and since it sterilizes, it leaves no microorganism-friendly environments behind.

We’re convinced that’s good for American businesses is good for individual consumers, and we are not only excited that the food industry is following our lead, but that we are able to offer this technology for your food, your family, and your health.

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