5 Tips to Store Leftovers

How to store leftovers is on our minds this summer, with grills ablaze all over the country and eyes often bigger than stomachs. Typically, you can store food up to three to four days in the refrigerator or three to four months in the freezer.  There are plenty of little dos and don’ts when it comes to keeping your leftover food at its freshest. Today we’re going to run down the top 5 tips to store leftovers.

1. Time Is Of The Essence

Sure, a summer barbecue can turn into an all-day affair, sometimes stretching into the evening, but make sure your leftover food gets put away in a timely manner. A good general rule of thumb is if food hasn’t been eaten within a  two hour window, it should be refrigerated. When refrigerating, you may be tempted to use sealable plastics like Ziploc bags or Tupperware containers. If you have a BerryBreeze in your fridge, you’ll actually want to let the food be exposed to our activated oxygen technology that can help leftovers last two to three times longer.

2. Seeing (And Smelling) Isn’t Believing

Sure, we all know when something has gone bad when we initially open the fridge,  and we can spot mold growing on a variety of foods, but seeing and smelling aren’t necessarily foolproof ways to tell if your leftovers have had their day (or days). So if you don’t own a BerryBreeze, three to four days is the timeframe to keep in mind. If you do own one, think more like six to eight.

3. Use Pyrex Instead of Plastic

Pyrex containers with the glass lids are a great alternative to plastics and can hold anything in both the refrigerator and freezer. They’re sturdy and reusable, great for the environment, and stackable. The best part, they convenient when it comes to reheating your leftovers. You can get them for relatively cheap at Target.

4. Sign Your Food Containers

One easy way to keep track of your leftover food’s shelf life is to mark it when storing. A Sharpie marker and perhaps even a little tape will go a long way to help you know when food was initially stored. Heck with the tape, you can simply write with a pen if you like.

5. Buy a BerryBreeze

Our patented device sits right on the top shelf of the refrigerator. It dispenses a small amount of activated oxygen on a timing sequence that kills mold, bacteria, fungus, and yeasts. It deodorizes your refrigerator, and best of all it keeps food, including leftovers fresh two to three tomes longer than normal. It helps you waste less, use less plastic containers, doesn’t involve any chemicals, and is a great way to make summer last longer. If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for our #FreshAllSummerLong contest on Instagram for a chance to win a Vitamix blender from Blender Babes!

Got a tip for storing leftovers? Leave a comment below!