4 Businesses That Save Food and Money!

Hungry for someone else’s leftovers? Hey, there’s an app for that! Not to sound glib, but that is just one of the latest innovative steps being taken to save food that would otherwise be wasted (besides, I could have made reference to a half-eaten sandwich locating app and called it “Grinder”).  Currently, being tested in New York City, the app PareUp connects consumers with food retailers, grocers, and restaurants that have a surplus and offers it at a discounted price. That diverts it the food from otherwise going to a landfill. The businesses don’t lose money, the customers get a good deal, and everybody takes a step in the right direction when it comes to ending food waste and reducing our carbon footprint.

The movement doesn’t stop there. Restaurants are popping up throughout Europe that sell meals using recycled food and leftovers, and a sandwich shop in Chicago drastically reduced the amount of waste it produced. Sandwich Me In produced the same amount of garbage over a two year span as most restaurants create per hour!

It’s a movement that is taking shape, and there’s even something that you can do at home to be a part of it. That’s where we come in; we are the home food waste reduction solution. Our patented technology keeps food fresher longer so that you get more our of it, saving money and food along the way. We just received a great testimonial from Melissa, who blogs over at www.livingafrugallife.com, who said “ My husband was wondering why they don’t just build this into fridges… that would be genius I think.  You guys should make fridges!” Well Melissa, we’re a small start up with a big concept and what we believe is a real solution, so that may be a little beyond the horizon. What we can do is get one of these into as many refrigerators in the country as we can, starting with Mother’s Day gifts and $10 of shipping one to Mom when you use promo code BBMOM! Click here and get in on the food waste reduction movement while you save money.

What are you or businesses in your community doing to reduce waste? Leave a comment and let us know!