15 Household Uses For Lemons (That Don’t Involve Cooking)

Did you know that cuisine’s most-loved citrus fruit—the noble lemon—boasts almost as many uses outside the kitchen as in? Both the juice and the rind of lemons serve a wide variety of household uses – from beauty aides and cleaning heroes to pest-fighters and garden guards. As a bonus, swapping out harsh chemicals for a simple fruit is a quick and easy way to help protect your family and the environment. These yellow balls of wonder can kick some serious butt, both inside and outside of the kitchen.

You can use lemons to:

1. Make your folded clothes smell amazing. It’s a French custom to shove several sticks of cloves directly through the flesh of a lemon and set it inside a drawer. As the juice evaporates through the cloves, the resulting aroma will make your clothes smell great.

2. Keep pests out of your garden. Sprinkle lemon rinds on the soil near any plants plagued by insects, rodents or deer – the citrusy smell will drive the pests away.

3. Knock out body odor. In a pinch (or on a particularly odorous day), cut a lemon in half and smooth it over your underarms for a deodorizing punch.

4. Clean Fido’s face. Eliminate the tear stains around your pet’s eyes by mixing equal parts lemon juice and water, and gently dabbing away at the discoloration. Just make sure you don’t get any in their eyes!

5model holding lemon. Prep for a manicure. Nail polish seals best to nails that are impeccably clean. Soak your fingers in a bath of lemon juice and water to lift dirt, stains, and grease for dazzling digits (and a longer-lasting manicure).

6. Make a scented humidifier. Set a kettle of water onto the stove to steam, and add cinnamon sticks and lemon rinds for a heavenly-smelling infusion of moistened air.

7. Take the “ew” out of taking out the trash. Throw a dried lemon rind in the bottom of your trash can between uses. ‘Nuff said – you’ll thank us later.

8. Whip your elbows into shape. To combat dryness and discoloration, rub half a lemon onto the skin of your elbows and feel the softness return.

9. Stop ants in their tracks. See an ant trail coming in from a window sill or door frame? Drip lemon juice into the offending crevices to ward off insects – they hate the stuff, and it’s cheaper (and safer!) than spraying harsh chemical repellents.

10. Refresh your garbage disposal. Dice up a lemon and toss it into a running garbage disposal for a good cleaning that will eliminate unwanted smells and bacteria.

11. Make your metals shine. Cut a lemon in half and dip the fleshy end in salt. Then scrub it over your copper pots, steel ranges, and other metalware to eliminate rust and other buildup.

uses for lemons12. Turbo boost your laundry detergent. Add one cup of lemon juice during the wash cycle of your clothes. You’ll see whiter whites and brighter brights.

13. Clean. . . almost everything. Mix equal parts lemon juice, water, and vinegar to formulate an all-purpose cleaner for the surfaces of your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and just about everywhere else dirt likes to live.

14. Kill weeds. Ditch the harsh and chemical-laden mainstream weed killers. Instead, add lemon juice concentrate to water, drench the offending plants with a watering can, and watch them shrivel away within days.

15. Get a jolt without the jitters. If you’re waning on energy but it’s too late in the day for coffee, simply puncture and suck on a lemon. You’ll get all the alertness without the caffeine (and have fresher breath, too).

With this many uses for lemons, you might find yourself wanting to stock up on them – and you should! If you put your extra lemons in a clear glass vase, they’ll also double as a bright centerpiece that’ll liven up your table. Your new favorite fruits will stay as fresh as possible—and as long as possible—with the help of BerryBreeze‘s air-filtering, oxygen-activating technology. Start with the optimal refrigeration, and your cleaner, brighter, fresher-smelling life is just a squeeze away.

How do you use lemons around the house? If you have any helpful tips or tricks, leave them in the comments section!