How does BerryBreeze help the planet?

In more ways than one. First, we take a natural approach to every product we create. We strive to avoid chemical ingredients, and we don’t use unnatural processing methods and production systems that deplete resources or damage the environment. We also help you do your part by providing goods that make health and environmental stewardship easy.

Take our Fridge Freshener, for example. Americans waste over 33 million tons of food every year, and discarded food is the single largest contributor to methane emission pollution in the United States. If we could all reduce our food waste, we’d change the world. Because the BerryBreeze® Fridge Freshener extends the lifespan of the foods in your fridge, you’ll ultimately cut down on food waste, and that means fewer grocery bags, product packages and receipts. You’ll also waste less fuel — and because stores won’t have to ship and restock products quite so often, you’ll help grocery chains do the same.

Cutting food waste would also save lives. Americans waste around 40% percent of all their edible food. Yet somewhere in the world, a person dies of hunger every 3.6 seconds, and over seven million people die of hunger every year. By saving just 15% of the food that Americans waste, we could feed over 25 million people per year. That’s sounds like the start of a solution to the world hunger problem.

There’s another way in which BerryBreeze® can help save lives. The CDC estimates that foodborne pathogens sicken one in six Americans annually. That’s 48 million people, and 3,000 of them die every year as the result of the diseases they’ve contracted. BerryBreeze®  fights “sick refrigerator syndrome” by neutralizing common refrigerator pathogens, and that makes it a useful tool in the battle against food-borne illnesses. Clean refrigerator technology has the ability to help save millions of dollars in hospital bills and countless lives across the globe. Who knew something as simple as using a BerryBreeze® Fridge Freshener could impact the environment in so many ways?