So far we have tested a range of fruits, salads and vegetables. They all now have a longer fridge life, especially lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, strawberries and apples. Romaine Lettuce has been in the fridge for two weeks and still tastes as good. Raspberries and blackberries were lasting twice as long and these are fruits which would normally be thrown after two days. A pack of fresh spinach would normally last 2-3 days once opened and this lasted eight days before I finished using it all.

Fresh juice is also lasting longer than the recommended “use by date”. We have even noted that milk seems to stay fresher past the “use by date”. Smells have been eradicated from the fridge, especially when I left tuna and raw onion uncovered for three days. One thing I have now had to do is to totally change my thought process on when food needs to be thrown away.

Scott C.

We purchased a berry breeze at the Green Festival in San Francisco. We subsequently won a large quantity of fresh fruit. We put the berry breeze in the spare refrigerator with this fruit. It is now 2 months later, and it still is as fresh as new. It is truly amazing. I am the Resource Efficiency Manager for Beale AFB in Northern California. I expect that this could be a device that would be useful for the company that runs the dining hall and about 6 other restaurants on base. How could we work together on this?


Roger E.PE CEMYuba City, CA

dianne I brought a BB 2 weeks ago and was very sceptical. I can not believe what a difference the BB has made to my fridge. I have not used plastic bags or containers to store any produce. Even a cut onion leaves no smell uncovered in the crisper. A half eaten salad in the original bowl was still fresh for lunch the next day with NO PLASTIC WRAP. Now when I open my fridge its fresh and beautifully clean .This product is truly amazing!

Diane GarnerWarnboro

I love love love this product and have been telling everyone they have to get one. My husband was very skeptical when I bought it but is now totally convinced. No more wasted veggies and fruit. The fridge smells nicer and even looks cleaner. It is also easier to see what needs using first as no plastic bags. I would definitely recommend BerryBreeze.

Dynella JessettSA

My husband purchased our Berry Breeze from Dynamic Organic a few weeks ago. I thought at first, great, another gadget. And now I love it! Our produce stays as fresh as the day we’ve bought it and lasts so much longer. I highly recommend this product for your kitchen.

Tammy JanzWA

I bought mine from the organic/health shop at Morley markets. It took at least a week to notice it working & so far a month later I’m pleased with the results. My asparagus & softer fruits/ leafy veg are lasting longer.

Rebecca CooperWA

I was skeptical at first but after the first week I was sold!! Great how it neutralizes odors and no more plastic wrap needed. Now I have a  nice fresh fridge all the time.

Jenny RyterPinjarra, WA

Carmen I have a Berry Breeze and it amazes me every day! Recently i forgot my  avocados ripening in the cupboard and thought i would have to eat 4 in one day… yes not really a problem but due to price I like to pace them. I popped them in the fridge and they gained a new lease of life:-) LOVE MY BERRY BREEZE - worth every cent!

Carmen RutterWaneroo, WA

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I’ve been known to let produce die a slow, lonely death in my refrigerator. I don’t mean to. I’m not a cruel person but you know how it is: you see that head of kale at the grocery store and think you’ll use it but life intervenes and the next thing you know, it’s wilted and starting to goo in your crisper. Ready for the compost. It’s embarrassing but I’ll own up to it.