Expert Reviews

This product meets and exceeds all of my expectation. Foods lasts far beyond the norm. Now own a total of three.

Robert Evanko

I often get caught up in the claims of products and end up buying something that is ultimately a waste of money. So I am SO pleased that this one actually does what it’s advertised to do! I got it during the warmer months so I was able to use it during fruit season. I had just bought some raspberries the day it arrived so I put it to the test right away. Those raspberries (which would normally be moldy after 3 days in my fridge) were still good almost 2 weeks later!!! I don’t know what better review I can give than that. It keeps my fridge smelling fresh, which is great. But I’m much happier with the way it keeps my produce fresher longer. It means less food goes to waste and that makes it an amazing product in my eyes!


My BerryBreeze has greatly extended the life of my fruits and vegetables and is therefore saving me lots of money. I purchased another one for my mother, who has also been impressed with the results. The most dramatic difference is in the length of time berries stay fresh. Raspberries, blueberries and strawberries may slightly dehydrate in a week or more, but I no longer lose a batch to mold. We live 30 minutes from our closest grocery store and having the BerryBreeze now allows me to freely stock up on vegetables without being concerned that they may go bad before I can use them. I can highly recommend this product.

S.M. Costa

I was very skeptical when I read the details on this product , but after a month of use I have to say I am a believer!! Our vegetables last longer and even cake that is uncovered in the fridge remains moist and tasty. Great product for a remarkably low price.

Everest P

BerryBreeze is BerryGood!!!!! After nearly three weeks my grapes are little soft but perfectly tasty……… mold!!!! Great product……..thanks!!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!


This has really worked better than I thought it would. It seems to make everything last longer and no funky smells either. You just put in in the fridge and forget about it. Really simply.I think it has already paid off. Now we stoock up on good food knowing its going to last. We eat better and save

Jeff Hagen

I buy all organic greens, tomatoes and eat lots of salads. Due to the price of organics I wanted something that would help keep my salad greens fresh for as long as needed. The BerryBreeze is worth the investment. I have also found when I get home from the grocer I wash all my veggies, drain them then put them in king size cotton pillowcases and tie the ends. Then set them on the spin dry cycle in the washer to remove all the excess water. Put them in zip lock storage bags but do not seal. Keep them open in the veggie drawer of the fridge so they can breath and effects of the ozone can work. This process along with the BerryBreeze is worth the time and investment as now my greens are still fresh up to 3 weeks long!

Denise N.

Produce definitely lasts longer. Tired of cucumbers that go bed in a few days? We’ve had them 7-10 days later and they’re still great!


I shifted to a healthier diet last year, so that means eating a lot of salads, greens and veggie smoothies. However, I travel a fair bit for work and am usually making food for myself or one other person, so I had a lot of vegetables and fruits go bad in my fridge. That was the price to pay to have fresh produce around. I was recommended BerryBreeze by a friend, and frankly it seemed like a gimmick, but given it wasn’t very expensive, I thought I’d try it off my friends recommendation. To my surprise it actually worked. It probably doubles the time that my berries, tomatoes, spinach and strawberries last in the fridge. Since I shop at whole foods, that means it basically pays for itself in a couple months of food that would have normally gone to waste now staying fresh. I actually gave one to my mom for mothers day as well!

Rock Meng

We wasted a lot of produce through spoilage, mostly spinach which I used to make sandwich’s everyday. We rarely could get through the week before the spinach turned rancid. The BerryBreeze will pay for itself in saved spinach.

Rodger Beougher