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If you want to keep your fresh food in your fridge fresh longer you can use the Berry Breeze to do so. This product is a small little machine that produces activated oxygen to keep your fruits and veggies fresh longer. The unit is battery powered and it has a cycle that it runs through so it isn't constantly in use. I was shocked at how well this unit works. I tossed it in 

Vegas INC: BerryBreeze COO and Man on a Mission Kevin Brooks in Vegas INC Magazine

Company’s mission: Keep food fresher to fight hunger BerryBreeze is a newly patented technology that uses activated oxygen (O3) to sanitize your refrigerator and the food you keep in it. It kills bacteria, mold, fungus and yeasts. BerryBreeze also eliminates ethylene gas, which is produced by many fruits and vegetables and triggers ripening and decay. Your food ends up staying fresh two to three times longer. How 

CBS New York: Making Nutrition Easy with Keri Glassman on CBS New York’s “Live On The Couch”

Nutrition Made Easy With Handy Kitchen Gadgets BerryBreeze was featured in a FIVE MINUTE segment on Live From the Couch this morning in “Nutrition Made Easy With Handy Kitchen Gadgets” with celebrity nutritionist, Keri Glassman! Live From the Couch is a popular New York morning show on CBS that often features well-known celebrities and influencers. The show airs from 7am-9am, perfect time to catch it before heading to work.

F&B101: Preserving Vital Nutrients Simply in Food & Beverage Magazine

Simple Ways to Preserve Vital Nutrients Every week, Americans end up tossing what was once perfectly good produce and although we intend on consuming all of the food we purchase, it can be difficult to keep up with the ripening process. BerryBreeze is a new innovative product that helps avoid food spoilage and keeps it fresh up to two to three times longer with its breakthrough technology. BerryBreeze is small enough to go unnoticed in the