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Oxygen Activism!

You may not even realize it, but much of the food you already have in your refrigerator has been exposed to activated oxygen, or ozone, before you even bring it home. That’s because food producers utilize commercial-grade ozone generators to treat fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy before goods head out to market.

The 5 Foods You Didn’t Know Were Making You Smell Bad

foods that make you smell bad
You already know that eating copious amounts of garlic will leave a tell-tale scent in your wake, but garlic isn’t the only food that reveals what you ate for dinner last night. Different foods (and drinks) escape your body as smell in various ways. The following five substances join with garlic as some of the worst offenders: 1. Alcohol – Alcohol dehydrates your body, and a dry mouth is a smelly mouth. Some people .

5 Weird Foods You Should Start Eating Right Away

weird foods natto
Remember when your friend’s healthy food tips convinced you to try tofu, Greek yogurt, quinoa, or kimchi for the first time? You probably thought these weird foods wouldn’t make it into your diet, regardless of their benefits. But a funny thing happened once you actually gave them a shot: you realized they really weren’t that strange after all. In fact, we’d bet that many BerryBreeze™ readers eat at least some of those foods every single .