Oxygen Activism!

You may not even realize it, but much of the food you already have in your refrigerator has been exposed to activated oxygen, or ozone, before you even bring it home. That’s because food producers utilize commercial-grade ozone generators to treat fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy before goods head out to market. (more…)
how to spot mold in your home

Mold in Your Home: How to Spot It and Knock It Out

What if we told you that despite your best efforts at keeping your home spin ’n’ span, you might have some serious fungus growing behind the scenes? And it’s not your fault - it can be impossible to thoroughly clean every corner and crevasse in your home. Mold can be innocuous, forming small white spots on your bathroom ceiling; or completely toxic, overtaking your attic with poisonous black spores. It can’t be entirely 
school cafeteria lunch

6 Horrifying Ingredients Found in School Cafeteria Lunches

No matter how many vitamin-rich greens and whole grains you have at your disposal, there isn’t always time to pack a lunch for your busy student. Plenty of elementary age children aren’t quite ready for the responsibility that comes with the chopping, and your average teenager doesn’t know how to make lunch unless there’s an app for it on their incredibly expensive phone. The school cafeteria can present a convenient alternative when there 
long lasting foods honey

5 Long Lasting Foods (Vs. One McDonald’s Hamburger)

At BerryBreeze™, we’re all about finding new ways to prevent food waste – but carrying our leftovers around in our pockets is an idea that never once occurred to us. In July of 1999, David Whipple picked up a hamburger from a McDonald’s in Utah, figuring he’d run a little test to see just how long the thing would last before spoiling. A few weeks later, the burger looked pretty much the same – 

BerryBreeze™ Gets Three Big Endorsements!

The BerryBreeze™ team works hard to spread the word about organic living because we genuinely believe in what we do. Even when our efforts go unrecognized, we’re still out there making sure that you and your loved ones have access to the freshest produce. It’s better for you, it’s better for your family, and it’s better for the environment. Still, who doesn’t love a little positive attention every now and then? That’s why we’re extremely 
keep vegetables fresh in your refrigerator shelf

10 Important Tips for Keeping Veggies Fresh in the Refrigerator

If you’re trying to figure out how to keep vegetables fresh in your refrigerator, it’s important to know about troublesome veggies as well as the spots and settings in your fridge that cause extra problems. People are often surprised when we tell them about the damage that improper storage can cause, so we’re hoping to set the record straight about the best methods for storing fresh produce. Here are the ten most important 
eco friendly kitchen cleaning products

10 Great Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Although the market for eco friendly cleaning products seems to have sprung up out of nowhere, business in the green cleaning industry is suddenly booming. While it’s difficult for even the most dedicated organic living expert to stay on top of all the trends, we’re glad that so many companies are experimenting. For consumers who love to shop organic, the end result is an array of novel cleaning products that help promote environmental stewardship. Eco