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Oxygen Activism!

You may not even realize it, but much of the food you already have in your refrigerator has been exposed to activated oxygen, or ozone, before you even bring it home. That’s because food producers utilize commercial-grade ozone generators to treat fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy before goods head out to market.

Mold in Your Home: How to Spot It and Knock It Out

how to spot mold in your home
What if we told you that despite your best efforts at keeping your home spin ’n’ span, you might have some serious fungus growing behind the scenes? And it’s not your fault – it can be impossible to thoroughly clean every corner and crevasse in your home. Mold can be innocuous, forming small white spots on your bathroom ceiling; or completely toxic, overtaking your attic with poisonous black spores. It can’t be entirely avoided, .

6 Horrifying Ingredients Found in School Cafeteria Lunches

school cafeteria lunch
No matter how many vitamin-rich greens and whole grains you have at your disposal, there isn’t always time to pack a lunch for your busy student. Plenty of elementary age children aren’t quite ready for the responsibility that comes with the chopping, and your average teenager doesn’t know how to make lunch unless there’s an app for it on their incredibly expensive phone. The school cafeteria can present a convenient alternative when there just .