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The Best Summer Salads

summer salads
Summer salads are a surefire way to keep things deliciously light during the warmer months. The best ones incorporate seasonal ingredients that when combined pack in loads of nutrition and health, and don’t take a whole lot of time to whip up. With loads of vibrant colors and textures summer salads keep your palette engaged and can even capture a memory of a perfect summer moment shared with the people we love. Sure, we’ve talked .

Fueling the Body to the Finish for Endurance Athletes

Endurance Athletes
A question that always seems to arise when people are chatting with me about racing for endurance athletes (i.e. cycling, running, swimming…or any combination thereof) whether it is a newbie or a seasoned racer, is how to fuel their body, on race day or in training, to finish their race or long training day.  I never claim to be a doctor or a nutritonist, but what works well for me, is gauging my plan .

Great Watercress Recipes

Watercress has always been a staple in healthy salad mixes, an ingredient in sandwiches, and often a garnish for more substantial entrees. A recent William Paterson University study named it “the No.1 Powerhouse Vegetable”, based on the amount of 17 crucial nutrients that can be found in this close cousin to mustard greens (as well as a variety of fruits and vegetables surveyed). Considered possibly the first “fast food”, due to the fact that .