FreshFocus: Pineapples!

Today we’re going to spend shine a spotlight on our not-so-little prickly fruity friend, the pineapple. One reason for this is because just yesterday, little seven year-old BabyBreeze asked us “ Daddy, why do they call it a pineapple? There isn’t any pine in it at all.” Right she is, but after a little research we found out that when Europeans first came upon this exotic fruit, its exterior reminded them so much of 

Three Simple Reasons to Go Organic

With a new year getting started, it’s a safe bet that many people are listing either “eating healthier” or “being healthier” as one of their resolutions. For the more resolute, this may include starting a home garden project or even joining a community garden, but for most of us it more likely means opting for less-processed and more organic choices at the market. Whole foods are healthier foods, but the price point for organic 
hunger in america volunteers ORANGE

5 Ways You Can Help End Hunger in America

We all know the standard routine for anyone intent on helping to end hunger in America: reaching deep into cupboards for some old canned corn or peach halves to donate. Maybe you bypass the canned goods and go straight to writing a check to a local food bank. For those who prefer hands-on volunteer work, there’s always helping out at a neighborhood soup kitchen. Now, don’t get us wrong: we’re not trying to paint 
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Shopping With a Mirror and Other Crazy New Healthy Food Tips

What does it take to get shoppers to eat organic, local vegetables? Would you believe that it might be as simple as some yellow tape, a mirror or a list of a store’s best-selling produce? Most Americans haven’t been responding to more in-your-face healthy food tips, so researchers in New Mexico are trying out gentler tactics in the hope of convincing people to add more fruits and veggies to their grocery carts. The 
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15 Food Hacks That Would Do MacGyver Proud

For sustainable lifestyle devotees, finding alternate uses for pantry essentials like salt, vinegar, potatoes or cinnamon can be especially satisfying. When you take a standard ingredient and turn it into a cleaning agent, you’re saying no to harsh chemicals that can damage the environment. Finding one last use for that other half of the lemon that you’ve had in your fridge for a little too long is a way to prevent food waste 
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5 Weird Foods You Should Start Eating Right Away

Remember when your friend’s healthy food tips convinced you to try tofu, Greek yogurt, quinoa, or kimchi for the first time? You probably thought these weird foods wouldn’t make it into your diet, regardless of their benefits. But a funny thing happened once you actually gave them a shot: you realized they really weren’t that strange after all. In fact, we’d bet that many BerryBreeze™ readers eat at least some of those foods every 
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5 Awesome Organic and GMO-Free Alternatives to Naked Juice

If you like to shop organic in the beverage aisle, then you know that Naked Juice, one of America’s leading natural juice brands, has been in trouble recently. In 2011, Naked Juice was accused of withholding information about genetically modified foods (GMOs) and synthetic ingredients in their juices. Sustainable food fans filed a class-action lawsuit against the brand, and although Naked Juice maintains its innocence, the manufacturer recently reached a settlement of more than 

BerryBreeze™ Gets Three Big Endorsements!

The BerryBreeze™ team works hard to spread the word about organic living because we genuinely believe in what we do. Even when our efforts go unrecognized, we’re still out there making sure that you and your loved ones have access to the freshest produce. It’s better for you, it’s better for your family, and it’s better for the environment. Still, who doesn’t love a little positive attention every now and then? That’s why we’re extremely