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FreshFocus: Pineapples!

Today we’re going to spend shine a spotlight on our not-so-little prickly fruity friend, the pineapple. One reason for this is because just yesterday, little seven year-old BabyBreeze asked us “ Daddy, why do they call it a pineapple? There isn’t any pine in it at all.” Right she is, but after a little research we found out that when Europeans first came upon this exotic fruit, its exterior reminded them so much of .

Three Simple Reasons to Go Organic

With a new year getting started, it’s a safe bet that many people are listing either “eating healthier” or “being healthier” as one of their resolutions. For the more resolute, this may include starting a home garden project or even joining a community garden, but for most of us it more likely means opting for less-processed and more organic choices at the market. Whole foods are healthier foods, but the price point for organic .

5 Ways You Can Help End Hunger in America

hunger in america volunteers ORANGE
We all know the standard routine for anyone intent on helping to end hunger in America: reaching deep into cupboards for some old canned corn or peach halves to donate. Maybe you bypass the canned goods and go straight to writing a check to a local food bank. For those who prefer hands-on volunteer work, there’s always helping out at a neighborhood soup kitchen. Now, don’t get us wrong: we’re not trying to paint .