Food stays fresher with cool fridge gadget

A SIMPLE £40 gadget which keeps fruit and vegetables fresh in the fridge for twice as long has been launched in the Uk. The 'BerryBreeze' device pumps pure oxygen around the fridge which kills the bacteria that causes food to decay. This keeps produce fresh for around 10 days longer than normal, according to the manufacturer - up to a week for strawberries 
activated oxygen

BerryBreeze and Activated Oxygen: What It Is, How It Works, Why Its Better

Activated oxygen, otherwise known as advanced oxidation or ozone, is the fundamental component of BerryBreeze technology. There has been a lot of buzz recently as this technology has advanced in the commercial sector, with DowChemicals recently announcing their investment of millions of dollars to develop room sanitization for pathogen control in food procesing. This is a tremendous step forward in food safety on a macro level, and we are proud to be the 
Fourth of July

Red, White, & Blue Salsa Recipes for Fourth of July

With Fourth of July Weekend just days away, folks across the country are going to be spending time together doing what we Americans have always done well, eat! Whether grilling or kitchen baking delicious meals, there's sure to be plenty of snacks and appetizers. For those of us living in the Western US, a party snack staple is always chips and salsa. Cool, crunchy, and full of flavor, salsa just gives any July Fourth 
fresh food is better than frozen

Fresh Food Is Better Than Frozen

Fresh food is better than frozen food when it comes to a number of key factors involving food quality. Have you seen the new ad from the American Frozen Food Institute? By our count, we’ve seen it at least six times this week! It’s very slickly crafted, with lush imagery and smooth voiceover work, telling us “Frozen: How Fresh Stays Fresh”. Take a look for yourself: (more…)

Meatless Moday

Meatless Monday: Organic Popcorn!

Happy Meatless Monday at the beginning of Small Business Week!  It's a great time to celebrate a community of which BerryBreeze is a part of, particularly when it comes to those who share our passion for healthy food for a healthy planet. One company that is making news is the Quinn Popcorn Company in Boulder, Colorado. Started in 2011, Husband and wife team Kristy and Coulter Lewis set out to change the 
foodborne illnesses

Businesses Fight Foodborne Illnesses: PMA’s Gold Circle

Foodborne Illnesses and food safety are huge issues to our cause and a big reason we developed a product for your home that provides a simple and effective solution. According to a March 2013 report on the attribution of foodborne illnesses from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that analyzed data from 4,589 outbreaks, almost half of foodborne illnesses in the US that led to hospitalization between 1998 and 2008 

5 Ways to “Get Green” for St. Patrick’s Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so “Top o’ the Morning to ya!” (or whatever time of day you find yourself reading this). It’s a great day to be Irish (or just pretend you are), eat Irish food, and of course drink Irish drinks. Part of the tradition is to of course wear something green so that the Leprechauns (and annoying co-workers) don’t pinch you. There is also no better time to think “green” thoughts beyond 

A Pie for Pi Day

Today is 3.14, otherwise known as “Pi Day”. Now, we are no slouches in the math department (mostly thanks to our access to and facility with a calculator), but naturally our thoughts turn towards the subject of delicious, fresh food. Like pie. Otherwise, we could subject you to an elaborate explanation of the mathematical algorithm used in the timing mechanism that releases activated oxygen in the BerryBreeze™. Nah, not interested? Oh thank goodness...