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Finish Your Food, Or Else!

finish your food
“Finish your food” is something we all heard growing up. And for those of us who are now parents, we find ourselves saying the same thing, or something similar. As kids,  our parents wanted  us to eat enough to grow up healthy, as well as learn a lesson about responsibility and following through on what you have in front of you. There was usually an “or else…” that either verbally followed or was at least implied, and .

5 Ways To Spend Less and Spend Smart

spend less
To wrap up small business week,  the most important small business you will ever know is you. Your home, your family, and how you manage your money is in itself a business practice. Whether you own your own business or not, the first thing businesses do after trying to make money is to not lose money. The decisions that go into how the money gets spent in your personal are often not too far .

4 Businesses That Save Food and Money!

Save Food
Hungry for someone else’s leftovers? Hey, there’s an app for that! Not to sound glib, but that is just one of the latest innovative steps being taken to save food that would otherwise be wasted (besides, I could have made reference to a half-eaten sandwich locating app and called it “Grinder”).  Currently, being tested in New York City, the app PareUp connects consumers with food retailers, grocers, and restaurants that have a surplus and offers .