Become a BerryBreeze Affiliate

If you believe in living a sustainable lifestyle and passionate about reducing food waste and saving the planet  the BerryBreeze Affiliate program is for you.

As an affiliate, you’ll help us spread the word about the remarkable impact that BerryBreeze can have on  health issues, budget issues, and larger issues that affect the planet as a whole like hunger and pollution. You’ll be compensated for your efforts, and you can begin earning commissions immediately. It’s a fun and easy way to generate income, and you’ll be supporting a product and a cause you believe in.

Affiliate Program Benefits

When you join the BerryBreeze Affiliate program, you can set your own hours and goals. There’s no cap on how much you can earn, making this an exciting opportunity for bright, motivated people. Our program allows participants to enjoy the following benefits:

•          Receive a 25% commission on every BerryBreeze unit you sell
•          Zero competition from a sales team – you are your own sales team!
•          An award-winning, newly patented product that’s like nothing else on the market
•          Customize programs to share with your clients
•          Unlimited earning potential

Start A Team

The BerryBreeze Affiliate program isn’t just limited to individuals. We also love to work with groups like these:

•          Non-profits
•          Clubs
•          Organizations
•          Schools
•          Sports teams
•          Corporate and international groups

We offer special promotions and incentives for our “Green Teams”. To learn more about our partner programs, contact us directly at

Why You Should Be Part Of The BerryBreeze Solution

When you become a BerryBreeze affiliate, you won’t just be marketing a product. You’ll literally be changing lives. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

•      By neutralizing the harmful refrigerator mold, bacteria, fungus and other microbes that lurk in refrigerators. BerryBreeze equips customers with a powerful tool that they can use eat healthier food while maintaining the nutritional value longer.

•          Americans waste over 40% of all edible food. by keeping food fresher longer, BerryBreeze can help  prevent food waste and provide a real solution to address world hunger.

•          The food we throw away ends up in landfills that produce an estimated 30 to 70 metric tons of methane gas every year. By using a BerryBreeze to prevent food waste, families can help reduce their carbon footprint and fight global warming.

•          BerryBreeze reduces the amount of plastic wraps and containers, as well as chemicals, typically used to keep food fresh and clean, again reducing the impact on the environment.

The BerryBreeze Affiliate program is easy to understand. We’ve done most of the hard work for you – we’ve even created banners and ads that you can post on your blog or website. We’ll handle payment processing, shipping and business logistics. All you have to do is share the good news about all the amazing benefits BerryBreeze has to offer.

Are you ready to be a part of the BerryBreeze solution?

Click here to become an affiliate today!