BerryBreeze and Activated Oxygen: What It Is, How It Works, Why Its Better

activated oxygen
Activated oxygen, otherwise known as advanced oxidation or ozone, is the fundamental component of BerryBreeze technology. There has been a lot of buzz recently as this technology has advanced in the commercial sector, with DowChemicals recently announcing their investment of millions of dollars to develop room sanitization for pathogen control in food procesing. This is a tremendous step forward in food safety on a macro level, and we are proud to be the company that .

4 Things To Do This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to do the things you might not always get to do, depending on what part of the country you live in. Especially for folks in the North and Northeast parts of the country, it represents a generous window of warm weather  that allows people to get out and moving under an extended period of daylight. In the South and Southwest, summer can be particularly hot, making activities like swimming .

The Best Summer Salads

summer salads
Summer salads are a surefire way to keep things deliciously light during the warmer months. The best ones incorporate seasonal ingredients that when combined pack in loads of nutrition and health, and don’t take a whole lot of time to whip up. With loads of vibrant colors and textures summer salads keep your palette engaged and can even capture a memory of a perfect summer moment shared with the people we love. Sure, we’ve talked .