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How BerryBreeze works

75 Years of proven science put into one amazing device for your FRIDGE!

Patented Design

Inspired by sustainable food practices, and while we’re proud of our design, we’re even prouder of the science behind it.

What is BerryBreeze

The science of activated oxygen (O3), or ozone, has been safely utilized for commercial and industrial use for more than a century.

Claims & Substantiation

Research conducted by Dr. Graham and Dr. Rice, The clinical data supports the facts that keeps produce fresher longer and deters molding.


Activated Oxygen

Otherwise known as ozone, functions in the upper atmosphere by blocking harmful ultraviolet radiation from permeating the planet.

Why O3

While both O3 and O- are nature’s cleaning agents, they function differently. O- is effective in mold spores and other harmful particles...

More Validation

The science of BerryBreeze is sound, safe, and a supports this superb way to save your home health, your money, and the planet.


Our Story

Like a breath of fresh air, BerryBreeze oxygenates, cleans and reinvigorates the fruits, vegetables, and food that you store at home, extending both their life and their freshness while preserving their nutritional benefits. BerryBreeze extends the life and longevity of your food, and that in turn extends the life and longevity of you.

Food waste is a worldwide epidemic. It is also a large contributor to methane emissions globally.  Humans waste so much edible food from farm to fork to landfill, that if we were able to save just a small percentage of that, it would make great strides towards ending world hunger.  When you don’t use the food you’ve bought, you need to drive to the store and buy more to replace it. Wasted food, discarded packaging, the gas used to drive back and forth to the grocery store – all of these things hurt our environment.

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What is BerryBreeze?

BerryBreeze provides an uncomplicated solution, based in science and nature, packaged in efficient technology. Activated oxygen (O3), both protects the upper atmosphere from radiation and purifies and sanitizes the air in our lower atmosphere. In a refrigerator or storage space, activated oxygen neutralizes bacteria, mold, and other microbes by inhibiting ethylene gas that triggers decay. This keeps food in a “living” stage, on average, up to 10 days longer than normal, staying fresh and odor-free.

Activated oxygen consists of three oxygen atoms. It is created either when ultraviolet light or electricity break down the oxygen molecule into two single oxygen atoms, each of which quickly attach to two more oxygen atoms (O2). It is an unstable gas whose half-life is approximately 30 minutes. While stable, the third oxygen molecule fights to break free, destroying polluting organic molecules by “oxidizing” them. The third oxygen atom attaches, eliminating pollutants, effectively disinfecting and deodorizing.

BerryBreeze™ is battery-operated and uses a patented timing sequence that releases a consistent level of activated oxygen. In two studies commissioned by the FDA, internationally-recognized activated oxygen experts Dr. Dee Graham and Dr. Rip Rice determined that limited regular exposure to activated oxygen posed no risk to humans and enhanced the shelf-life of other organic materials. It is equally effective in refrigerators,practically all storage units, and small, uninhabited areas.

  • When ordering this, I have to admit wondering if this was going to be a ‘regret’ purchase. But actually, now that I have been using this in my fridge for a few weeks now, there is a noticeable difference in …

    — Alice —

  • I LOVE IT! No more rotting produce.I did an experiment to see how well it would work. I bought some berries, chard, arugula and cheese. All food that tend to get weird and moldy quickly. I put the device in …

    — Karla Maree —

  • This product meets and exceeds all of my expectation. Foods lasts far beyond the norm. Now own a total of three.

    — Robert Evanko —

  • I often get caught up in the claims of products and end up buying something that is ultimately a waste of money. So I am SO pleased that this one actually does what it’s advertised to do! I got it …

    — Pondyp —

  • My BerryBreeze has greatly extended the life of my fruits and vegetables and is therefore saving me lots of money. I purchased another one for my mother, who has also been impressed with the results. The most dramatic difference is …

    — S.M. Costa —


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